Most Popular Lighting Design Trends

Most Popular Lighting Design Trends

February 10, 2020

We all know how crucial interior lighting is to our home’s overall design. After all, it is considered as the central aspect of a particular household. You can control your home’s atmosphere to your own preference by how you position your lighting fixtures and the lighting type you use. Lighting design may also change from one room to another. What works in your living room won’t necessarily fit well with your kitchen place, as well.

Interior lighting isn’t just for illuminating anymore; the lighting design we use for each room within our home should appropriately reflect the function and feel of that given space. And like any decoration, lighting designs can change year to year. As light manufacturers find new ways to come up with more compelling but functional designs, so too will our lighting preferences and tastes evolve. From vintage lighting to art deco, the modern designs to soft but new finishes, there are indeed a whole lot of excellent lighting designs we could now choose from. With that said, here are the most popular lighting design trends that you should take notice of.

  • Soft Gold Is The Way To Go

People now prefer a classy and sophisticated interior look rather than the colorful and bright. That is why you may now notice the spike in popularity of soft colors. Though homeowners’ love for the shades of grey and beige would never die, the soft gold color is now the hottest among them. It works exceptionally well with contemporary decors and successfully gives off a simple yet elegant atmosphere in a given room. This design choice would fit perfectly within your clean, white kitchens as it brings out the warmth and mellowness of gold while also capable of keeping the room brightly lit.


  • Evolved Retro and Industrial Styles

The industrial lighting styles of the yesteryears are now making a comeback – but in an absolutely different way. If you take a good look and compare the modern industrial lighting of today to the traditional industrial, you’d see glaring differences in a matter of seconds. After all, they now refer to them as “upgraded industrial.” We now see sleeker metals being used, more variety of colors and tones, and alternative designs rather than just the warehouse-like styles from before.


  • The Edison-Style Bulbs

The inventor of the light bulb will forever be synonymous with lighting. And thus, it is no surprise that our taste for some Edison-style bulbs within our homes will never die – in fact, it is even getting more popular. With that said, light manufacturers are now giving this particular lighting design new twists to make it even more appealing to modern homeowners. You may now get LED Edison-style light bulbs, and that is such a delight!


  • The Bigger, The Better

Though the evolution of modern technology is in the pattern of making the big things of yesterday smaller and more accessible, lighting design trends seem to work in reverse. Even though there are now tons of small but extremely useful light designs in the market today, people are still clamoring for the bigger alternatives. This is because large and attention-grabbing lighting fixtures in a particular home can serve as its centerpiece and can definitely give off a wow factor to its visitors and occupants alike. Great examples of these are large, classy, and elegant chandeliers that every single one of us is dying to have.

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