The 5 Types of Industrial Lighting Fixtures You Must Be Aware Of

The 5 Types of Industrial Lighting Fixtures You Must Be Aware Of

February 17, 2020


Lighting is and always will be a crucial part of any industry. Especially in manufacturing, mining, marine, and packaging industries, wherein heavy-duty performance from various lighting fixtures is indeed a must. Not only must these lighting fixtures be able to light up the whole building or room, but must also last even the most adverse weather conditions and temperatures. And among the different types of lighting fixtures out there, none is suited better for this other than the industrial lighting fixtures.

Proper use of industrial lighting fixtures does not only enhance the output of the entire workplace and help maintain safety all around; it may also be considered a great addition in the aesthetic of a given room. And that is why we need to know the right light fixtures based on the environment and the demand in the lighting of that particular space. With that said, here are three types of industrial lighting fixtures that you must be fully aware of.

Three Common Lighting Fixtures Used By A Multitude Of Industries

Explosion Proof Lighting

This type of industrial lighting fixture has the ability to withstand tremendous heat and pressure that came from an explosion. Industries such as mining, transportation, steel, marine, and more have a high risk of explosion within their workplace, and that is why you may see a whole lot of this lighting type in such areas.

 Indoor Fixtures

As its name greatly implies, indoor fixtures are the type of lighting that is installed within the indoors of a given place. These lighting fixtures are the ones responsible for lighting up various rooms so that workers can do their jobs efficiently and right. Others use this type of industrial lighting to decorate and add a certain kind of vibe in a given room. Coffee shops, bars, etc. are now starting to use them as great design choices that fit within their theme.

 Roadway Fixtures

This type of industrial lighting fixture is crucial to keep our pedestrians, commuters, and drivers safe on the road at all times. Roadway fixtures are essential because it is the one responsible for lightening up the streets brightly in the dark of night or various harsh weather conditions. You may control the amount of light generated by roadway fixtures in order to make them brighter or dimmer. Too bright, and it will blind our drivers, too dark, and it will render them blind.

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