Professional Lights


These fixed downlights have an extruded aluminum profile employing die-casting technology and a very firm structure. The surface is treated by varnishing, with a very durable color. By using the newest generation of high performance CITIZEN COB LED chips, they have a low heat resistance and high lighting efficiency. The products in the family employ highly accurate optics to achieve high efficiency and superior lighting spot effect, with anti-glare technology (UGR<19). The installation is quick and convenient thanks to the additional components of the downlights: stainless steel clips, folded brackets, or both.

Beam Angle:
Chip Type: DC 36V 700mA
CRI: >90
Cutout: Ø100mm
Dimensions: Ø110mm x 120mm
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Item Color: White
LED Type: Citizen LED
Temperature Color: Warmwhite
Wattage: 28 Watts

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